Группа компаний "Долина" - объединение предприятий, специализирующихся на разработке, исследовании и внедрении в сельскохозяйственное

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About company

About company
Dolina Group - association of companies that specialize in the development, research and implementation of plant growth stimulators and microfertilizers into the farming industry. The first company was founded in 1997.
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Awards and credentials

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Mission and values

Mission: create wealth and improve the quality of life. Since 1997 we have been developing and producing effective plant growth stimulators and complex micronutrient fertilizers that help to improve the quality of agricultural products and make a profit in many countries.

Values are our common goals.

Product registration

The formulations, produced by DOLINA Group were approved by the State certification licensing authorities under the current legislation of Ukraine and conform with all the standards of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
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