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Mission and values

We specialize in development, production and implementation of reliable products that meet environmental standards and which help our consumers to be proud of their high yields and contribution to world agriculture.

Our slogan: "Experience. Reliability. Result."

Values are our common goals.

Respect and honesty

At the heart of our business there are strong traditions of respect and honesty. We adhere to these principles, both within the organization and in relation to the surrounding world.

Reliability and trust

In our work we strive to trust each other and respect our colleagues, creating thus a solid foundation for cooperation.

Team spirit

The basis of the staff success and company prosperity is the continuous development and self-improvement of the employees. For us cooperation is a coordinated work of the united team, in which everyone performs his or her work to a good quality and affects the achievement of the goal by the company.


We strive to understand, anticipate and meet the current and future needs of our clients. This implies that we all work closely together and are way beyond the usual working groups in order to bring our experience and knowledge to our customers. We believe in long term relationships and know that to achieve this goal we must act as a reliable partner, always ready to provide support.

Fair competition

We are in a clear control of our behavior in the market and adhere to the ethical rules of the business partners. Competitive practices, which we preach, are: quality improvement of the products and services, development of unique products, researches and innovation, investment in production and staff, more advertising advanced campaigns.


We strive to create and develop innovative products, solutions and ways of working. This causes each of us to explore new opportunities in our daily work in collaboration with professionals and bring our own experience and knowledge in new projects


Support of high business profitability and stability, improvement of product quality, usage of new advanced technologies. Well-being improvement of the owners and employees.

Caring for the environment

We pay great attention to environmental safety at all stages in the production and application of our products. Throughout the whole history of our company, we have always taken the initiative in the field of environmental protection.

Focus on results

We strive to be the best in our field, developing products and solutions that improve the well-being and quality of human life. It makes all of us, together and separately, achieve the best results in everything we do.