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About company

About company
Dolina Group – association of companies that specialize in the development, research and implementation of plant growth stimulators and microfertilizers into the farming industry. The first company was founded in 1997.

Accomplished managers with higher agronomic education scrutinize the needs of agricultural producers of all levels - from small farms to large holdings. On the basis of this analysis in our own, modern chemical laboratories, close-knit team of the research department comprising synthetic chemists, analytical chemists and agronomists are working to develop new products and improve existing ones. Leading specialists of the department are awarded with the highest qualification in chemistry and agricultural sciences, confirmed by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Ukraine.

Currently at the company the following specialists are working:
  • 7 Candidates of Agricultural Sciences,
  • 2 Candidates of Chemical Sciences,
  • 1 Candidate of Technical Sciences.
After thorough researches on the effectiveness of the formulations and compliance with all applicable environmental standards production workers undertake the task, carefully monitoring product quality at every stage. The head of production has a scientific degree - Candidate of Technical Sciences.

DOLINA Group supports consumers of its products with the help of professional advisory managers. Their task - to inform agronomists on farms on the introduction of new agricultural technologies, to clarify peculiarities of application of growth stimulators and microfertilizers.

To improve the efficiency of farming industry, to study features of formulation application in different agro-climatic conditions, the company cooperates with research institutions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa and India.

DOLINA Group is acknowledged to be a reliable partner, who cares about environmental safety, convenience of use and high efficiency of plant growth stimulators and microfertilizers of its own production. Due to this company's products have won the trust and appreciation of growers.

Our company is open for cooperation and long-term productive partnership.