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Plant growth stimulant Paslinij®
Composition g/L
Salts of alkanolamines with substituted phenoxyacetic acids 55
Packaging: 6 мл
100 мл

Plant growth stimulant Paslinij®

The formulation for promotion of fruit setting of nightshades..

When growing nightshade vegetables in greenhouses in the autumn-winter-spring period, the fruit setting is often erratic due to a short day length, insufficient light intensity and wrong temperature regime. As for growing in the open ground, there are two critical periods when fruit does not set: low night temperatures, as well as heat and dry air. Under adverse conditions, growth substances in plants are formed in insufficient quantities or are not formed at all. As a result, the trusses are not fertilized, or they fall off due to lack of nutrients.

The new product PASLINIJ® contains analogues of natural growth regulators of nightshade crops: tomato, pepper and eggplant.  PASLINIJ® shows a pronounced attracting (from the Latin attractio - intake) effect. The cells of the formative tissue (meristem) "attract" nutrients and water, ensuring the efficiency of physiological processes and rapid fruit growth. Due to the intensive supply of nutrients to the actively growing reproductive organs, there is a redistribution of plastic substances, which causes a shift in the ratio between the vegetative and reproductive organs in favor of the fruit.

Thus, the growth stimulator PASLINIJ® improves the fruit set of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, especially under adverse conditions, accelerates their growth and ripening. The application of the formulation PASLINIJ® results in significant increase of the early yield of fruit (by 20 - 40% depending on the variety and growing conditions), and the total yield increases by 45 - 95%. The quality of harvested fruits improves: they are larger and taste better due to the increased content of dry matter, sugars, trace elements and vitamins.

In the case of treatment of tomato, pepper, eggplant plants during flowering period with the formulation PASLINIJ®:
  • fruit setting is enhanced;
  • early crop ripeness intensifies;
  • total yield increases;
  • weight of one fruit increases;
  • taste of fruits improves;
  • yielding of ripe fruits begins 7 - 10 days sooner.
Unused working solution of the formulation PASLINIJ® retains its activity during the season and can be used with appearance of new inflorescences.
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CropsApplication stagesApplication rate, mL/ha
Tomato, pepper, eggplant

First truss flowering50 - 150

Second truss flowering

ATTENTION! Use the formulation according to the instructions. DO NOT EXCEED THE SPECIFIED DOSAGE!
1. INFORMATION FOR CONSUMERS: follow the instructions when using the formulation. The efficacy of the formulation and its ease of use depend on the application, storage and transportation conditions specified by the manufacturer.

2. COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER FORMULATIONS: performs well in tank mixes with plant protection products (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer of the plant protection products).


Warning! Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility! No residuum should form in the test solutions.

If there are no problems with compatibility, shake the product thoroughly in the original package and pour it directly into the sprayer tank, which is to be previously filled with water to 2/3 of its volume.

Application rates of the spraying solution: tomatoes, pepper, eggplants - 300-400 L/ha.

5. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: spraying should be done either early in the morning or in the evening, when the humidity level is high to avoid chemical leaf burn. The optimum air temperature is +10 ...+25 °С (50 —77 ºF), wind speed up to 5 — 7 m/s depending on the sprayer type. It is not recommended carrying out spraying operations during foggy weather or in the presence of dew, which can lead to surface overflow of the solution and hence the reduction of the treatment efficiency.

Attention! It is possible to use the formulation in hard water. The active substances contained in it do not form compounds with hardness salts (СаSO4٠2H2О), hence the solution does not grow turbid.

It is allowed to store the prepared solution during the growing season and use it in the following phases of plant development, defined in the application regulations.

6. STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: storage and transportation must be carried out in accordance with ГОСТ 14189 (National State Standard).

The formulation should be stored in a warehouse or storage building, designed specifically for this purpose. Storage area should be free of direct sunlight, moisture, pollution and mechanical damage to the container. Store at temperature above +5 ºС below +30 ºС (41 — 86 ºF), in the original closed package in an upright position, with the cap facing up in a cardboard box. Do not stack cardboard boxes more than 3 high.

Any form of transport is possible while in covered vehicles. The use of open vehicles, which provide protection against precipitation, is allowed as well.

Store the prepared solution in a storage building, which provides protection against precipitation at temperature above +10 ºС below +25 ºС (50 —77 ºF).

7. WHO CLASSIFICATION, TOXICITY: 4th toxicity class. The formulation is nontoxic, does not cause allergies, is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless to pollinating insects.

8. PRECAUTIONS: keep away from children and animals. When carrying out spraying operations, use the appropriate and adjusted equipment, follow generally accepted safety standards.

9. FIRST AID INSTRUCTIONS: if the skin or eyes are contaminated with the preparation, flush them with water. If necessary, call a doctor.

10. CONTAINER AND LEFTOVER FORMULATION DISPOSAL: a container and leftover formulation do not require specific methods of disposal and neutralization.

11. STORAGE PERIOD: 5 years.

12. TECHNICAL REGULATION: ТУ У 20.2-24051976-007:2014.


14. VOLUME OF PACKAGES: 6 mL. 100 mL.