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Formulation for seed treatment VIMPEL®-K

VIMPEL-K®– multipurpose formulation for seed and planting material treatment.


- growth stimulator - filming agent - adaptogen
- cryoprotectant - anti-stress agent - anti-oxidant
Growth stimulator. Due to the impact of VIMPEL-K® components the production of adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATA) is activated, so the formulation is a powerful stimulator of energy production. The formulation increases cellular respiration, promotes absorption of oxygen by cells. The velocity of oxygen consumption by mitochondria (energy center of a cell) is increased tenfold. This leads to acceleration of metabolic processes, including increase in seed growth energy up to 5-8% and the power of seedling growth, which makes it possible to generate a given stand density of plants. The plant produces more biomass, i.e. growth processes accelerate: the development of root system is increased by 50-70% and the vegetative mass by 30-40%, leaf surface area increases by 16% and photosynthetic productivity by 8%. As a result, the resistance of plants to drought is increased by 25-30%.

Adaptogen and cryoprotectant.
The simultaneous action of polymers with low and high molecular weight raises osmotic pressure directed inside of a cell. It also improves protein metabolism that is expressed in the synthesis of stress proteins, and also in increase of sugar content in plants. These changes make a plant more resistant to adverse conditions of an environment, the plants become more resistant to high and low temperatures, low humidity. Content of sugar and starch increases by 40%, resulting in the increase of winter hardiness and frost resistance (freezing point of the cell sap and water declines by 3-5°C).

Anti-stress agent. Application of the formulation in combination with protectants removes pesticide stress. In addition to the above the strength of seedling growth is restored to the inherent in the genotype level.

Filming agent. The formulation component of high molecular weight is characterized by high film forming ability. Due to this feature VIMPEL-K® provides fixing of tank formulations on seeds, thus increasing effectiveness of biological products, disinfectants and microfertilizers by 25-30%. In the case of long-term (up to 2 months) location in the soil with a lack of moisture, the seeds are exposed to the negative effects of the provocative moisture, which leads to mold formation on them and possible destruction of the sprouts. Germination thus can be reduced to 60%. Formed membrane protects the seeds treated with VIMPEL-K® from provocative moisture, preserving its germination.

Anti-oxidant. The formulation VIMPEL-K® stabilizes the livelihood of soil natural microflora which promotes the renewal of its fertility, destruction of toxic organic substances and prevents the accumulation of the alien toxins in plants as well as provides intensive biological processing of mineral fertilizers.

Seed treatment with the formulation VIMPEL-K® leads to the reinforcement of its effect during the entire life of the plant.

Thus, complexity of the formulation gives it the properties of a growth stimulant, adaptogen, cryoprotectant, anti-stress agent, filming agent, anti-oxidant and makes it ideal for seed treatment.

Such a simple agricultural method as seed treatment with the growth stimulator VIMPEL-K® leads to an increase in yield by 15-28% and upgrade of the product quality.
Recommended technologies


Crops Application stages Application rate
Spiked cereals, legumes, sugar beet, sunflower, vegetables Seed pre-treatment 500 g/t
Vegetables and other crops Seed and seedling pre-treatment for 1.5 - 2 hours 2 - 3 % sol
Potatoes Tuber pre-treatment 2 - 3 % sol
Orchards, berries and grapes Soaking of samplings and nurseries 2 - 3 % sol