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Microfertilizer ORAKUL<sup>®</sup> multicomplex
Composition g/L
Nitrogen in different forms 184
Phosphorus pentoxide P2 O5 66
Potassium oxide K2O 44
Sulfur trioxide SO3 36
Iron Fe 6
Copper Cu 8
Zinc Zn 8
Boron B 6
Manganese Mn 6
Cobalt Co 0.05
Molybdenum Mo 0.12
Packaging: 10 mL
100 mL
1 L
5 L
10 L

Microfertilizer ORAKUL® multicomplex

ORAKUL® MULTICOMPLEX – complex multi-purpose microfertilizer for leaf spray fertilization of vegetable, horticultural, berries and ornamental crops, flowers and turf grass.
  • environmentally friendly, highly concentrated, ready for application, convenient and safe to use;
  • contains a balanced set of macro- and micronutrients for the needs of all the vegetables, orchards and ornamental crops;
  • is used in conjunction with pesticides, growth stimulants, fertilizer solutions with a wide range of pH;
  • liquid fertilizer in biologically active form that is quickly dissolved in water;
  • increases productivity by 10-20%.
The formulation does not crystallize. When the temperature goes down to -15° C, the fluidity of the formulation decreases, and if it is kept under low temperature for a long time, a precipitate may form.

Recommended technologies


CropsApplication stagesApplication rate, mL pro 10 L water
Potatoesfull germination
bud formation
after flowering
Strawberriesbefore flowering
after flowering
Orchards, berries and grapesbefore flowering
after flowering
beginning of fruit growth
Vegetablesintensive growth
bud formation
beginning of fruiting
Coniferous, deciduous and decorative plants, lawns
400-800 mL of the fertilizer pro 100 L water