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Microfertilizer ORAKUL<sup>®</sup> colofermine of ferrum
Composition g/L
Ferrum Fe 65
Nitrogen N 73
Sulfur SO3 93
Colofermine 606
Packaging: 100 mL
1 L
5 L
10 L

Microfertilizer ORAKUL® colofermine of ferrum

ORAKUL® colofermine of ferrum is a concentrated microfertilizer for foliar feeding of field, vegetable and perennial, ornamental crops, berries and grapes: 
  • environmentally friendly, highly concentrated, liquid fertilizer, convenient and safe to use;
  • contains iron in a biologically active form, thus better penetrates into plant tissues;
  • is used in conjunction with pesticides, growth stimulants, fertilizer solutions with a wide range of pH;
  • prevents the display of chlorosis and leaves acquire dark green color;
  • improves appearance of ornamental plants;
  • significantly improves the taste of fruits and berries.
Recommended technologies Potatoes sprouts
bud formation 20-30 mL/10 L of water Grapes after flowering
softening of berries 40-50 mL/10 L of water Orchards after flowering
fruit growing 40-50 mL/10 L of water Vegetables and other crops at the beginning of vegetation
next applications every 7-10 days up to a cessation of intensive growth 20-30 mL/10 L of water