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Dolina has passaged the Atlantic

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you that recently a successful trial of the Dolina Group products took place in South America.

This year we received right from Argentina the results of level testing of Vimpel plant growth stimulator.

For the experiment, there were randomly selected spring wheat plants (cultivar "Klein Nutria"), treated with Vimpel growth stimulator, and plants of a standard variant.

Sowing Date: 07/23/18
Sowing location: Porteno (Cordoba Province), Argentina
Date of research: 08/23/18

Let us compare the plants seeds of which have been treated by the Vimpel plant growth stimulator (at the rate of 500 g of the formulation per 1 ton of grain) with the controls (see Photo 1). The treated variant has got better fullness, as well as a more developed root system (it is denser than the standard).

/Photo 1/

Another research was conducted in almost a month, 09/18/18.

/Photos 2, 3/

On the right there is a standard, on the left - wheat treated with Vimpel plant growth stimulator in the tillering stage (0.5 l/ha).

Field research showed that treatment with plant growth stimulator Vimpel gives an increase to the standard upon the following indications:
  • vegetative mass +58.5% (see photos 4, 5);
  • root weight +42% (see photo 6, 7).
/Photos 4, 5/

/Photos 6, 7/

Thus, it has been experimentally proven that Vimpel plant growth stimulator is very effective in influencing growth and development of a plant, regardless of the soil type and geographic location of the cultivation area. It is also a universal formulation, applicable to any crop: from the well-known potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, corn to such exotic ones as kiwi, balsam apple, tobacco, safflower, amaranth and others.

World recognizes the effectiveness, environmental friendliness and profitability of our products. Therefore, is it really worthwhile to delay the choice of technology for growing your crops? ..

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