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Universal technology of increase in productivity and quality of crops

DOLINA Group offers a range of products that represent an original technology which provides management of crop nutrition for guaranteed yield increase (up to 30%) and high product quality (increase of protein and gluten content in wheat, sugar content in fruit, berry crops and sugar beet, as well as oil content in sunflower, soybean and rapeseed along with starch content in potatoes).

The technology is based on the plant growth regulator VIMPEL®, which enables to express the potential of plants by stimulating growth processes, increasing immunity, providing resistance against biotic factors, optimizing the absorption of micronutrients and enhancing effectiveness of pesticide application in a tank mixtures.

A particular feature of the technology is optimization of nutrition and plant condition starting from sowing – up to formation and ripening of a yield which is possible due to foliar treatment with PGR VIMPEL®, as well as a range of new micronutrient fertilizers ORAKUL®.

Simultaneous use in tank mixes of disinfectants in combination with formulation for seed treatment with stimulating properties VIMPEL® and complex liquid microfertilizer Orakul® seeds will help to neutralize the negative impact of insecticides and fungicides and to provide seeds with all the necessary nutrients.

VIMPEL® – a multipurpose natural and synthetic regulator with systemic and contact properties, which is used for treatment on seeds and vegetating plants.

  • Growth stimulator;
  • Thermo- and cryoprotectant;
  • Disease inhibitor;
  • Filming agent;
  • Adaptogen;
  • Anti-stress agent;
  • Soil activator;
  • Photosynthesizer.

To ensure regular nutrition of cultivated plants in the process of life activity and to fulfill the inherent potential, the technology prescribes application of the complex micronutrient fertilizer ORAKUL® multicomplex and other components of the tank mixture in conjunction with the PGR VIMPEL®.

This allows plants to quickly overcome stress caused by pesticide treatments, to stimulate growth and restore a nutrition balance.

In the process of crop growth and development, there is often a shortage of specific food compounds. To prevent and eliminate the shortage, the technology contains micronutrient fertilizers-compensators, which can eliminate this deficiency, if combined with PGR VIMPEL®.
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Advantages of DOLINA Group technology application, which includes plant growth stimulant VIMPEL® and micronutrient fertilizers of the ORAKUL® range:
  1. Enhances efficiency of pesticides and fertilizers by 20-30%.
  2. increases drought and heat resistance, as well as immunity of plants.
  3. increases winter hardiness and frost resistance are increased by 3-5°С
  4. Improves crop quality attributes due to increase in the content of protein, gluten, sugar, etc.
  5. Increases productivity by 30%.
  6. Absence of additional processing costs (use in tank mixtures), the formulations completely dissolve both in water with normal and increased hardness level and can be applied in a wide range of soil acidity (pH = 3-11)
  7. When using foliar application a high buffering capacity of the formulations prevents the occurrence of chemical leaf burns.
  8. Plants take up more rapidly and easily microelements due to the activity of mixed ligand chelating agents of natural origin.
  9. Conversion of radionuclides and heavy metals into inactive forms.
  10. Stability guarantee of the formulation composition for long-term storage.
The ORAKUL® range consists of the following microfertilizers-compensators with the optimal proportion of microelements:
More details on plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® are here
More details on micronutrient fertilizers from Orakul® range are here

Recommendations on the application of the original technology, developed by the specialists of the Dolina Group, on the following crops:

Winter cereals (winter wheat) Spring cereals (spring barley)
Corn Legumes (soybeans, peas)
Sunflower Rapeseed
Sugar beet Cabbage
Tomato Cucumbers (watermelons, melons)
Onion (garlic) Potato
Root crops (carrot, table beet) Horticultural crops (apple tree)
Berry crops Grapes
Flowers and ornamental crops

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