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Modern laboratory - the quality assurance of plant growth stimulators and microfertilizers

Application of standard physicochemical methods of analysis (spectrophotometric, potentiometric, complexometric and others) allows quality controlling of raw materials, microfertilizers and plant growth stimulants by main indicators.

In order to expand the possibilities of analytical research in 2016, the research laboratory of DOLINA Group was supplemented with ultra-modern and high-precision equipment that raises analysis quality of the growth stimulators and microfertilizers of its own production to a new level.
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Amongst others, there is a high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) 1220 Infinity, which enables highly accurate analysis of organic compounds: organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides (volatile and non-volatile) and other substances, usage of which contributes into improvement of the preparation effectiveness as well as crop yield increase.

The above mentioned equipment is manufactured by Agilent (USA), which is No. 1 in quality of devices. A highly accurate analysis of the cationic and anionic composition of substances is provided by the Agilent 7100 capillary electrophoresis system, which is not only reliable but also the easiest in use capillary electrophoresis in the world.

Highly efficient equipment gives the possibility to laboratory specialists to significantly improve the level of quality control of raw materials used in production, as well as to monitor the compliance of growth stimulators and microfertilizers with the company's strict requirements regarding its product quality in all technological segments of production.

The final testing of the DOLINA Group products takes place in the HZ-2019 temperature chamber.

The tests are conducted in accordance with various standards. The task of the chamber is to simulate actual conditions in which a sample can be stored in order to determine characteristics of products and their compliance with the expected requirements.