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Effect of application on grapes

  • the percentage of successful grafts and rootings of stalks is increased;
  • during transplanting roots are actively recovered;
  • metabolic processes in tissues are accelerated, bushes absorb more intensively main nutrients from the soil by 5 – 8% and micronutrients by 27 – 57%;
  • efficacy of pesticides is enhanced by 22-28%;
  • chlorophyll content in leaves is increased;
  • water consumption rate is decreased by 20%;
  • processes of reproductive buds and fruit initiation are improved by 22 - 25%;
  • promotes recovery of annual growth after freezing or hail;
  • accumulation of carbohydrates in the annual vine is enhanced, thus improving wintering capability;
  • productivity and eating qualities of berries are increased.
Application of micronutrient ORAKUL® colofermine of ferrum prevents chlorosis presentation and due to it leaves acquire dark-green color, resulting in improvement of grape eating qualities.

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